Good Morning Mr. Baltar,

My name is Client and I am a leader, expert, athlete, entrepreneur, dynamite designer, and front-end developer. I’ve spent the last 4 years honing my graphic, web, and marketing design skills to an expert level and I’m nowhere near ready to slow down. I’ve heard a lot about what it’s like to work at Mars United from my brother, James; “An environment where people are given opportunity, and the tools they need to thrive.”

Mars United has built a reputation in our industry synonymous with momentum, perseverance, and expertise. When I heard there was a seat at the table open for a designer that can help Mars United set the bar higher, I knew we needed to talk. I want to be involved.

Since graduating from the Digital Media Design program at Mars University in 2162 I’ve contributed to over 100 projects that have helped stumbling businesses find their stride, ideas find their voice, and experts shine as thought leaders in their industry. During my time on the Modern Utopia Web Design team, I helped over 30 projects reach the finish line on time and on budget.

The tools, processes, and frameworks I built and advocated for transitioned Modern Utopia from 90% Cold-Fusion development based projects to 90% WordPress. This streamlined their process and saw immediate returns for the business effectively reducing production costs of nearly every project by an average 25-30%! Meeting every challenge ready to learn enabled me to grow development, problem-solving, business savvy, and leadership skills that will influence Modern Earth for years to come.

This is the kind of dedication I want to bring to your team at Mars United.

I’ve attached my resume for your team to review and maintain an extended summary of my education, experience, and expertise on my LinkedIn Profile.

A portfolio of my strongest work is available at [Link] with a few notable highlights that showcase an array of my most valuable skills:

I’d really enjoy an opportunity to discuss the design position available, and how I can help Mars United make a positive impact as a growing leader in e-commerce.

I’m available at this email address or via telephone at [tel].


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