Hello Techwise Brandstop!

My name is Client Name and I’m a UI/UX designer, developer, entrepreneur, partner, consultant, expert, and father. A colleague recently alerted me to the Web Design Ninja position currently available at your organization and I think I’d be a perfect fit. Great things can happen in an environment full of individuals who believe in, and enjoy what they do. You guys do a great job at showcasing a culture and environment that reflects those admirable traits and I want to be involved.

The psychology of influence that marketing and design hold over the decision-making process is a fascination of mine. I’ve been honing an expertise with the Adobe Creative Suite for over 15 years, and have been practicing professionally for 6 years with adept knowledge of branding, illustration, print, video, motion graphics, and photography. My most valuable expertise lies in user interface design & development with some of my most visible work reaching 42 million users, and some of my most effective work increasing a client’s online sales by 300%.

Since graduating Digital Multimedia Technology at Red River, I maintain an up-to-date familiarity with the latest CSS, HTML, Javascript, jQuery, and Mobile/Responsive design/development techniques. I’ve worked adeptly in a team environment but also thrive independently and have maintained a self-sustained freelance employment as well as launched my own business. I can’t exactly claim a professional level foosball or nunchuck mastery, but I am building a motorcycle in my basement that could prove to be an effective getaway vehicle for whatever you have planned for your nunchuckers.

I’ve attached my resume for your review, and have an extended summary of my expertise, credentials, and experience on my LinkedIn profile, with a body of my work on my portfolio.

A few recent notable projects include:

I’d love to hear your thoughts and get a meeting on the books to discuss the potential to work together on your Picticipate brand. I’m available at this email address or via telephone at TELEPHONE

Thanks for reading!