Good morning, Mr. Marcown,

I was pretty intrigued when you messaged me Monday evening regarding the BUSINESS homepage you’re seeking to have redesigned. I knew immediately this was a project I’d absolutely love to be involved in. My name is Brad, and you reached out to me on reddit where I use the alias /u/***.

The part of me that loves to dream about the future was completely starstruck by cryptocurrency technology when I was first exposed only a few short years ago. I was thirsty to get involved and offered my expertise as a designer and online marketer to the industry growing around the blockchain. I spent the entirety of 2014 working with a number of teams building coins, exchanges, trading tools, apps, and hardware. My family didn’t really understand the projects I was working on, but that didn’t stop me from enthusiastically gushing about the work.

I’d love to help you update the BUSINESS design to make it more fresh and modern, but I think we can do better than that. I think that together we’ll not only be able to increase the signup conversions on your service but also shift your messaging to appeal to a broader target market and secure a larger share in your industry.

I’m at a distinctly unique advantage to help with this. For the past 2 years of my 7-year career, I’ve been helping e-commerce companies increase sales, generate more customers, and develop effective marketing tools while working at Shopify’s largest app producer and expert custom development shops, REDACTED. I’ve been learning e-commerce from one of the top achieving teams in the industry you’re marketing to every single day.

I can think of a few projects that I was able to help grow from an idea to profitable that you might like to take a look at.

ZeroValue took us a few months to get off the ground but our team of 5 managed to sell $10,000 in $50 recurring revenue subscriptions within the first 30 days after launch.

I worked extensively with the Minacoin team before the project was axed on both their point-of-sale site and briefly on the conceptualization stages of an exchange they were building.

I’m also currently working on the REDACTED team where I function as the lead designer and front-end developer to code all of the elements our users interact with. This week we launched a new sales tool for crowdfunding campaigns that help them survey their backers for choices about their rewards. The tools I designed helped CLIENT sell an additional $20,000 in up-sells during the survey process, and that’s just our first client.

I’d love to help you achieve results like this with your service.

Immediately I noticed a few design choices that are worth discussing. First off the logos and colors are really effective but the site lacks a personality that helps merchants relate the solutions you’re offering to the problems they came to solve. Inviting imagery of people in the setting your ideal customer is most familiar with could go a long way to help your audience feel like your service addresses their specific needs. The mobile view suffers from a ‘stacking effect’ that could use a bit of love to capture the attention of your audience more effectively.

The most important change in expanding the BUSINESS market share and appealing to a broader market of customers is a shift in the messaging Bitcoin payment processing services are currently using to communicate to store owners. Bitcoin is an incredibly niche tool, really only used by enthusiasts. Your messaging says “Hey, if you’ve been thinking about accepting bitcoin payments. We can help you”. Most store owners aren’t thinking about accepting bitcoin payments. I’d shift your approach slightly to “There are millions of people in control of $12B in digital currencies that are looking for stores to spend it on. Get in on the ground floor and accept digital currencies. We’ll convert them into your converted into your local currency at no risk so you can capitalize on this hungry market.” Clearly, it could use some fine-tuning but I think if you started positioning your messaging to offer solutions to the problems e-commerce stores are having in the way they think about them you’d start seeing your conversion rates rise.

I’m currently billing at $60USD/hr and I should be available in a full-time capacity as early as July. Hiring me to help out would provide your business with a design and front-end development expert actively involved in the most effective teams working on the fastest growing e-commerce tools available today that cares more about your conversion rates and revenues than just filling a role.

Feel free to say no, but is that what you had in mind?