Hello CBC Radio­-Canada!

My name is Client Name and I’m a creative marketing professional and new media designer living in Winnipeg. I am writing today to submit my candidacy for the Senior Designer ­English Services (WIN00406) position available at your organization.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and I have something essential in common that greatly influences my life and my work: reverence for the storyteller. A story without artful, captivating telling is powerless to influence and change its audience. As a professional creative communicator, I strive to express stories, messages, or ideas clearly and precisely through thoughtful presentation.

Throughout my career, I’ve had the opportunity to hone a range of skills, many of which I would use every day as a Senior Designer with CBC Radio-Canada. After over a decade of producing media for video, web, and print, I have developed a strong familiarity with the Adobe Creative Suite. Additionally, I’ve worked on a variety of projects in programs and applications such as After Effects, Combustion, Keynote, PowerPoint, Quark Xpress, Toon Boom Studio, and Maya.

As a web designer and project manager for Metric Marketing over the last three years, I’m also very comfortable with deadline driven schedules and using web­ focused tools such as Dreamweaver, Flash/JavaScript, HTML/CSS, PHP, and MySQL. My recent photographic experiments resulted in an invite to participate in a local art exhibition. This required that I developed new pre-­press techniques to ensure colour reproduction would be true to my work’s original intent.

My genuine passion for language and communication paired with my extensive skill set makes me an ideal candidate for this position. Working in an environment focused on contributing meaningful stories and knowledge for Canadians while shaping the way we share information as a people is my calling. Given the opportunity, I believe I could produce my best work with the CBC.

My resume is attached for your review and I would like to invite you to have a look at my online portfolio which showcases my design work and describes some of the projects I’ve been a part of in greater detail.

My portfolio: [link]

Project highlights include Cottage Grove at Pelican Lake ­ Corporate Branding, Print, Web Design: [link]

Canada’s Web Shop Promotional Video ­ Conceptualization, Directing, Producing: [link]

I can be reached for further discussion any time at my personal number TELEPHONE, or via email at XXX.

Client Name