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Jason Borne
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Creative Art Director


Entrepreneur, small business owner, community volunteer, father, and dynamite creative art director. I seek out the biggest design challenges that others naturally shy away from and turn them into incredible results that transform business. Increased sales, wider audiences, and increased efficiency. I’m a business focused individual capable of impacting the bottom line and boosting entire departments.


Art Direction • Creative Direction • Leadership • Entrepreneurship • Business Management Mentoring•Project Management • Communication and Writing • Training • Graphic Design • Web Design • Print Design•Video Editing • Audio Production • Photo Retouching • Advertising Publication Design • Web Development•Game Design Development • Adobe Photoshop • Adobe Illustrator • HTML • CSS • JavaScript • PHP•Python • Web Standards • Zend • Django • OSX • Windows • Linux


Peanutty Peanuts
Marketing & Communication Lead


When Peanutty Peanuts engaged me on a freelance project to re-approach their aging packaging I was excited to take an aging brand and help them transform their product into a nicer, tastier, fancier boutique product. Our efforts paid off when the flagship product we worked on was selected as the winner of the Salt Lake City Food Expo’s Best New Product award. Our relationship grew and I was brought on as the companies Marketing & Communication Lead.

  • Equipped sales team with a “Best In Show” quality trade show booth that established new relationships with farmers and distributors that increased production by 100%.
  • Design and publish e-mail marketing blasts resulting in regular 600% revenue spikes.

The Magical Recorder
Lead Graphic Designer

2011 - 2016

I took command of the Advertising Department’s Graphics Team after a year and a half of producing great work for The Magical Recorder’s portfolio of publications. The department was in disarray and required an extensive process reform which I developed, presented, and was given the opportunity to implement through a promotion. I immediately streamlined all paperwork processes and introduced better training for advertising reps on how to collect materials and how to liaise with production staff and accounts.

  • Refined production and management processes saving 1560 hours of overtime per year.
  • Redesigned the best selling publication to the adoration of the readership and advertisers effectively increasing ad spots sold by 150% the following year.
Freelancer Designer

1996 - PRESENT

Since 1996 I’ve sought out the craziest project proposals that utilize the most exotic materials and content in the music and print industries. As an expert of cross-medium production, I’m fluent in design for web, print, advertising, branding, packaging, and event promotion. As a small business owner, I’ve become an expert in managing expectations, working in and under budget, and working with aggressive deadlines.

  • Created promotional materials for a 20 city music tour resulting in 15 sold out shows.
  • Designed album art seen by millions of pop music fans.
  • Rebranded Illinois furniture store from an antique brand to a modern upscale brand.

Broken Words
Art Director

2015 - PRESENT

Broken Words is a game development company I am Art Director and Co-Founder of. As a 2 man company, we write modules for the 5th edition of the role playing game Fate as well as maintain a successful iOS game with more in the works. In addition to producing and maintaining content for our consumers we market, promote, and advertise to expand our audience.

  • Selected for a complication of the Best Available Adventures for 5th Edition Fate.
  • Successfully published iOS game “Flappy Worm” with another “Colony” in development.

MAK3J Radio
Web Producer

APR 2012 - JUL 2013

As an affiliate to MAK3J television, I worked in creative services handling the production of promotional graphics. Our team promoted upcoming news stories and shows for commercial breaks.

  • Created promotional graphics to advertise upcoming news stories and coverage.

Famous Guitar Strings
Web Development Lead

APR 2012 - JUL 2013

My main area of focus was redeveloping and launching a website used to capture signups for a giant battle of the bands that coincided with the annual Fantasia music tours. I redesigned the signup flow from a manual email process to a self-serve band site similar to the then-popular myspace website. Bands created their own fan pages which led to bands promoting our web property which took our battle of the band's program to the next level in a single year.

  • Redesigned Fantasia Tour battle of the bands site leading to 1000% increase in sign-ups.
  • Created self-serve fan pages that encouraged bands to promote themselves which increased monthly unique traffic by 652%; from 400,000/mo to 2.5M/mo.


The Institute of Communication
Digital Design

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